• Testimonials

  • I have been a patient in Dr. Liou's clinic since its inception in 1994. From my first visit years ago I have been continually amazed by Dr. Liou's unique thoroughness, obvious caring and interest in her patients, and her dedication to excellence. I have never seen a dentist like her. I enjoy the beautiful results of her work and appreciate her obvious concern for her patient's comfort. Brenda, at the front desk, and all the staff there, are as good as it gets. I enjoy every visit because it is a visit with old friends.

    Cindy, Ph.D., Licensed Massage Practitioner

  • Just a note to tell you how much I love my new dentures! I get compliments on then all the time and I can chew ANYTHING, including caramels and corn on the cob! I am grateful! You are an ARTIST! Thank you

    Dorothy L.

  • I came to their office after eighteen months with another dentist while he tried to get my "new" dentures to fit correctly. They listened to my concerns and what I wanted to have my teeth look like and she took time to measure and work with me prior to having the dentures made. I have now had the dentures for six weeks and only one little place needed attention.and that was done on the second day of wearing them. I am very pleased and will highly recommend them to my friends should their need occur.


  • Have you ever had a shot of Novocain where there was little, if any, pain? Have you ever had 4 crowns replaced in one sitting, voluntarily? Have you ever had your temporary crowns look better than your prior permanent crowns? Have you ever considered asking your current dentist to fix small spaces between your teeth for a resulting perfect, natural smile? If your answer is no to any of the above, consider going to Dr. Ann Liou.

    With Dr. Ann, I’ve had Novocain shots with no pain, I’ve had 4 crowns replaced in one sitting and it was not an unpleasant experience, I was afraid to give up my temporary crowns because I couldn’t believe the permanent crowns could possibly look any better (and they did), and Dr. Ann fixed two annoying gaps between my teeth and I look like I was born that way.

    Dr. Ann Liou came highly recommended to me, highly enough that driving all the way to Edmonds to see a dentist seemed worth investigating. The first day I went to Dr. Ann, I followed the driving directions and pulled up to a cute little grey house, immediately north of PCC. My first reaction was, “I expected to see a class A medical office building, not a sweet home that looked better suited for cooking classes.” I am glad I overcame my initial reluctance and stepped inside to find the friendliest staff, state of the art equipment, and dental experiences that have exceeded my very high expectations. I will never again trust my teeth to anyone but Dr. Ann Liou.