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  • Ann Liou, DDS, MSD, PS

    Growing up in Taiwan from a large family  (five siblings), Ann learned the essence of caring and nurturing from her late mother who was always kind and loving. Doctor Liou’s sense of  gentle touch and  the  sensitivity to other’s feelings became an instinct to her early in her life.

    After finishing dental school in Taiwan in 1981, She continued her dental training at the University of Southern California where she  received her degree of dental surgery  in 1984. She then practiced  four years as a general dentist in Los Angeles and  San Diego.

    During this clinical practice, doctor Liou realized that there were patients with very complexed dental issues that she was not comfortable treating.  She then realized in order to  help patients with complicated conditions she had to go back to school again.

    Becoming a prosthodontist seemed to be the way to acheive her goal. She then went back to school for the third time, this time to the University of Washington where she received a MSD (Master of Science in Dentistry) degree in prosthodontics in 1991.

    After finishing the specialty training, she was asked to teach at the school and became a full time assistant professor at the University of Washington.

    Dr Liou enjoyed teaching, doing research and part-time clinical practice during her tenure in teaching. Unfortunately she developed latex allergy and had to leave teaching where latex was in the environment.  She then started her full-time private practice in Edmonds in 1997. She was voted one of the best dentists in America by her peer in 2004.  She was also voted one of the best prosthodontists by the Seattle Met magazine in 2011.

    As an avid learner, Dr. Liou enjoys taking lessons on cooking, golfing, opera singing and learning different languages. Her passion in life is to continue learning. She also enjoys spending time with friends and family.